Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pockets!!! I found POCKETS!!

IM BACK!!! [post editing]

I have a thing for shoes, and clothes and because I see some pretty bad clothes and shoes on people in whenever I go out, I like looking at fashion blogs so that I can feel like there is hope for all of humanity. Now, I know how that sounds, so feel free to judge me; it’s been a while since I wrote and you might as well get on board coz it’s going to be a fast train.
Anyway, I go through fashion blogs mostly for the shoes; hey! Remember when someone threw a shoe at an American head of state’s head? See what I did there? Alliteration/pun…pick one, I’m chock full of these! I wanted to say Bush and then throw in a pun in there but I know how offended some of you might be so I saved you the sight of that.

I digress.

People on the streets of Nairobi can really push you to the edge, mostly with the smell of sweat which is almost a solid and you can taste it because you were so shocked someone could smell like that that you opened your mouth. Word to the wise, if you get shocked, don’t open your mouth or take in a sharp breath, you will regret it.

I will digress a lot.

It is one thing to be stylish and look good and a world apart to be what I have seen [unwillingly – almost screaming “NO!!” to]
The reason this came back to me; the reason I am writing this, is coz I saw an Instagram post [I am cool like that! I am on Instagram] post by Adelle, not the singer, no relation, but the Adelle who is a radio presenter at Kiss100, you know her! She has that track called Faded, she always has a big smile on her face… anyway, her smile made me write this. Someone said that her teeth need work and I was there thinking, “What?! Teeth need to work too? Is it that bad? Do my teeth need to get a job too?”

This little man decided that in as much as Adelle was [she still is] awesome, her teeth needed to be fixed.

I was offended!!

Where did he get off saying something like that?

Here is my reason for getting mad; I do not have toothpaste ad teeth and growing up, I did a lot of closed mouth laughing and smiling but Adelle has this huge, bright smile that makes you want to smile too! So I don’t know if this will be hard for that guy to understand, but when you grow up with my teeth, or Adelle’s, in this case; you know what they look like so when someone points out that they are not perfect, I do not take a while to go and think about you pointing out the obvious. I have lived my whole life with them, I know how they look like and I love me the way I am.

Anyway, she, Adelle, being more lady that I would have been in the situation, told the guy to take a seat in the corner and think about what little inequities he might have bothering him. Yes, that was a pun I am ok putting out there….im on a roll here!! [not literally though, otherwise you would have to come check on me]

Back to my original story….

The fashion blogs I go through are pretty good but this one time, I was not pleased.

The girl writing the blog was on about finding pockets in her dress with the same zeal, I imagine, I would have if I went to my fridge right now [4.30am – I should be sleeping!!!] and I found food that I would just have to pop into the microwave. Please note that I did not cook. I have not cooked in a while.

I….[say it with me]…. Digress.

She wrote about finding pockets like she had lost them! I did not understand that. Why would you be excited about that?
Well, if you want to put things in there, yes.

If you are a guy and you are posing for a picture, yes, yes and yes! They have a way of making those pants or suit look real good with that hand-in-pocket pose.

The girl was totting a tote which is a pretty big sized bag and she said she had gone shopping in that dress so I did the math and it didn’t add up:

Tote in one hand, shopping bags in other hand, manages to juggle phone too…wait! That is one hand too many!

I went to the other blogs to check “pocket” tags and apparently, they were present. Maybe not with the same excitement, but they were there.

So there I was, wondering when I would ever need to put my hands in the pockets of my dress while juggling my bag, my phone, looking and pointing at things, talking with my hands….so I feel that the excitement should be dialed down when it comes to pockets in dresses.

Anyway, it is late, or early, depending on how you look at it, and I need to sleep.

I think I need to wear something with pockets tomorrow, for my phone so I can listen to music without a line running from my ears to my bag. See, I have a logical explanation. I did not get excited and I was practical.

Hopefully you will have a pocket friendly [not pick pocket] ride to work or school or whatever reason you will have to be up and running today.

Im back!!!!
[I feel like that should have been at the very beginning of this….yeah, im going to go back to the top of this and edit it in.

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